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WP4 - Use Case Based CoBotAGVs Integration with Industry4.0 Production Systems


The main goal of the work package is the integration of CotBoAGV system components developed and prepared in previous work packages and their verification in real, operational, production area. The integration will result in the verification of selected components in Aiut Ltd. manufacturing zone, where electronical telemetry devices are produced. The need for the implementation in real manufacturing conditions results from the fact, that some of the developed techniques cannot be simulated and need to be verified on-site, e.g. positioning and robot recalibration mechanisms that have to be adjusted according to numerous local conditions or analytical methods that require real and large data input in order to produce reliable outputs. In addition, the verification will allow to assess the performance of specific components in order to make adjustments and to improve the total quality of produced results.

In order to achieve overall objective of WP4, two objectives have been defined:

  • Integration of Automated Guided Vehicle equipped with Collaborative Robot with other system components
  • Verification and final adjustments of system functionalities in real production environment

Research tasks:

T4.1. Integration of CoBotAGV with production infrastructure and implementation of positioning methods

The main purpose of the task is the integration of CotBoAGV with production infrastructure. The research works focus on:

  • application of positioning and localization techniques designed in T1.2 to provide safe and effective operability of CotBoAGV,
  • adaptation of vision system to operational conditions, installation of infrastructure required for positioning sensors,
  • preliminary programming of general points of collaborative robot,
  • preparation of production map for AGV and setting required data for AGV points of interest.

T4.2. Integration of CoBotAGV with production environment

The task will focus on the implementation of various communication mechanisms between CoBotAGV and other system components. The whole task will go in hand with the information model designed in task T2.1 and will be the example of its implementation. The research works focus on:

  • exchange of the information is with the Manufacturing Execution System, responsible for delivery of production orders. The orders, translated into process-oriented data, will provide detailed information about availability of production devices, materials, staff, as well as production orders, material lots and processes needed to be performed on-site,
  • communication with automation control equipment, like PLCs, responsible for controlling over production stations. The information delivered by these systems will extend system's awareness with current production states, process data needed for correct recognition of momentary production needs and diagnostic information required by analytical system,
  • the channel for providing information about current state of CoBotAGV in order to achieve maintenance and efficiency purposes, provided by analytical and scheduling/fleet management components.

T4.3. Integration of CoBotAGV with AI-Driven analytics

The task related to the integration with analytical component will contain feeding with real data streamed from online CoBotAGV as well as MES system. The research works focus on:

  • data processing by the analytical engine in order to evaluate predictions for the remaining uptime of CotBoAGV prepared in T3.1,
  • analyzing transportation and production cycles in order to detect potential abnormalities using techniques developed in T3.2,
  • planning internal deliveries to production stations using mechanisms produced in T3.3. The data is planned to be acquired and forwarded to analytical system in either batch or continuous mode, registered directly from CoBoAGV, production stations and fleet management system,
  • testing of communication channels in terms of their reliability, transmission rates and efficiency, In case of the occurrence of significant difficulties, techniques will be reworked and improved.

T4.4. Verification of CoBotAGV in near-real, operational production environment

The verification of CoBotAGV will cover full operability designed for the system, from the moment of the receiving of production order from MES system to the calculation of analytical aggregates done by analytics. Selected elements if the integration are planned to be realized in production area of telemetry devices located in Aiut Ltd. in Gliwice, Poland. This task will also contain final adjusting of system components and preparation of technical documentations. The research works focus on:

  • testing of positioning techniques developed in T1.2,
  • collaborative functionalities prepared in T1.3,
  • communication methods from T2.2 and T.2.3 ,
  • analytical mechanisms prepared in T3.1, T3.2 and T3.3.

Research progress:


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