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Automated Guided Vehicles integrated with Collaborative Robots for Smart Industry Perspective

About CoBotAGV project

The CoBotAGV project aims to create a comprehensive intelligent internal logistics solution dedicated for the new generation of flexible manufacturing, in particular for agile discrete production. The CoBotAGV will focus on:

  • flexibility of internal transport supported by Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs),
  • versatility of production tasks supported by Collaborative Robots (CoBots),
  • automatic integration with production stations via ontology based Machine to Machine Communication (M2M) and with Manufacturing Execution System (MES),
  • compatibility with Industry 4.0 architecture described by Reference Architectural Model for Industry 4.0 (RAMI4.0),
  • energy and resource efficiency by production process optimization based on Data Mining Methods and Virtual Factory Models.

In order to achieve planned objectives the project is organized under three research work packages (WP1-WP3) and one development package (WP4):

  • WP1 with focus on mobile collaborative robot integrated with the AGV platform,
  • WP2 with focus on integration between production stands and manufacturing services,
  • WP3 with focus on Business Intelligence(BI) services that support planning and optimizing logistics tasks including maintenance activities,
  • WP4 with focus on system prototype that will be verified and improved via development works that will be based on industrial research.

Entities of international project consortium:

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